Cybersecurity is the biggest single challenge organizations face today.  The real danger does not come from being hacked. It comes from being hacked and being unaware it ever happened. Often times organizations struggle to keep up with day-to-day projects, let alone develop security detection and response plans.  Enter Red Sky and the value we bring to the table.


Cyberattacks originate from numerous sources and occur at random times.  Working with organizations to better understand their environments allows Red Sky engineers to design and implement solutions which help mitigate and remediate security concerns. Thus reducing our customer’s attack surface, and risk, while allowing them to focus on their primary business drivers.



These days, protecting your IT systems requires far more than a single firewall. Think of it like the locks on your house. No matter how solid they are, if someone wants to get in badly enough, they will. The most important thing is to be aware of the attack as it happens and have a clear response plan in place to protect your data when it does. Red Sky’s holistic approach to IT security not only reduces the chance of threats, but minimizes damage if and when they occur as well.

We are solution agnostic.

Red Sky doesn’t have preferred relationships with solution providers. Nor do we choose particular products based on kick-backs or other incentive programs. It’s simply not in our customer’s best interest.

It’s why we never start out a relationship with vendors already in mind. Instead, our team is constantly testing, analyzing, and scrutinizing the wide array of security technologies available to ensure only the best of breed solutions are in place. In fact, Red Sky Labs, our dedicated facility in Denver, was created to test, analyze, and scrutinize the wide array of security technologies available.

We know your industry.

Red Sky’s researchers and security practitioners help secure customers across a multitude of specific industry categories, including service providers, entertainment, healthcare, and finance. This means you’re not only hiring IT security experts, but industry experts as well. Which, in turn, helps us understand the demands and unique needs in your business so we’re up to speed from the start. Then, we can focus on your specific situation and unique challenges while providing an unmatched level of expertise and customer service.

We work for you and with you.

Red Sky takes a consultative approach to every business relationship. In our experience, the most effective way to identify strengths and resolve security vulnerabilities is to bring people and processes together. By doing so, we better understand your business and security philosophies and take these into consideration when recommending solutions. This results in security solutions that protect your interests without hindering them.

No one is more thorough.

Many security companies quickly identify a major weakness, recommend a solution and move on to the next customer. They don’t look at your entire situation in depth, leaving you open to less obvious threats.

Red Sky, on the other hand, performs something we call a Security Posture Assessment. This comprehensive process finds many common issues and errors in enterprise IT systems, ranks the vulnerabilities and offers recommendations on how to make repairs and changes. This assessment includes all of the following:

  • Application security
  • Application threat modeling
  • Vulnerability research
  • Exploit development
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Security and threat research