An inefficient infrastructure generally results in more service requests from employees and a lack of faith in IT. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With thorough analysis and expert optimization, your system can seamlessly do its job. So you can do yours.


Red Sky always starts in the same place: Assessment. Since a cursory look at your systems will only result in a temporary fix, we go deep. The result is a comprehensive recommendation plan that:

  • Enhances security at every point
  • Simplifies and modernizes
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Saves time and money



It’s obvious that the more complex your infrastructure is, the more likely you are to have issues with everything from stability to security. What’s less obvious is how to fix it. This is where Red Sky excels.

We simplify your data center.

Technology is always moving toward solutions that are more streamlined and easier to manage. That’s why Red Sky will always recommend modernizing for better efficiency. But newer isn’t always better. The trick is to find the right solutions for your particular situation.

Red Sky’s process involves extensive testing to identify best-of-breed technologies based on your industry and needs. Our dedicated lab ensures that we can do this thoroughly and objectively. Always sensitive to your budget and business, the result is a simple, stable, and scalable platform that’s entirely optimized and customized for you.

Security is part of everything we do.

No matter what we recommend to update and improve your IT infrastructure, you know security will be an essential part of the package. Our emphasis in this increasingly vital specialty means you know it’ll be done right.

Going from cost center to profit center.

Too often, data centers are looked at more as a business expense than an opportunity to boost the bottom line. This is no surprise considering the amount of time IT can spend addressing system fixes and servicing tickets. The key is operational efficiency. With the right solutions and guidance from the right experts, your people can spend more time automating your infrastructure. Suddenly, your business is not being held up by IT – It’s being benefited by it.

Desktop Virtualization: remote access without missing a beat.

Business today often requires the ability to provide remote access to teleworkers and contract employees. Red Sky can help you take advantage of various desktop solutions that are scalable, consistent, fully secure, and highly available to ensure maximum uptime and productivity. This streamlines the deployment and management of delivering desktops as a service.  Securely extending your IT systems without sacrificing performance.

Storage Virtualization: additional space without additional hardware.

Companies don’t throw away data. The question is, how can you store it efficiently, while adding the space you need exactly when you need it? The answer is storage virtualization. Red Sky can recommend various solutions that quickly provide you with high-performance, space-efficient storage and an intuitive VM-centric storage management model. This also allows you to seamlessly and securely deliver data anywhere and at any time. It’s a fundamentally better way to manage storage resources for your virtual infrastructure, giving your organization the ability to:

  • Significantly improve storage resource utilization and flexibility
  • Simplify OS patching and driver requirements, regardless of storage topology
  • Increase application uptime and simplify day-to-day operations
  • Leverage and complement your existing storage infrastructure

Network Virtualization: consistent connections without a physical network.

The challenge with a hardware-based networking infrastructure is a lack of consistency and flexibility. With the kind of virtual network Red Sky can help you deploy you get all the features and guarantees of a physical network with the operational benefits and hardware independence of virtualization — rapid provisioning, non-disruptive deployment, automated maintenance, and support for both legacy and new applications.