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At Red Sky Solutions, we believe in the persistent practice of security across the entire IT landscape. Cybersecurity is not just a department or a title – Rather a philosophy pervasive within everything we do.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is the biggest single challenge organizations face today. The real danger does not come from being hacked. It comes from being hacked and being unaware it ever happened. Often times organizations struggle to keep up with day-to-day projects, let alone develop security detection and response plans. Enter Red Sky and the value we bring to the table.
Comprehensive Penetration Test

If you have an IT system, you have vulnerabilities. Identifying them, without causing any harm to your data or systems, is the purpose of a comprehensive penetration test. Red Sky's highly trained computer systems experts first define a trophy, or specific objective, and then design the test in an optimal way to reach it. A successful test will identify weaknesses along with any defenses that may have been compromised. We then document exploitable flaws and shortcomings and provide clear advice on how to address them - advice delivered through our Pen App application, a web-based, highly-secure, tool designed to help you mitigate detected vulnerabilities.

Basic Penetration Test

Falling nicely between a vulnerability scan and a comprehensive pen test is the Red Sky Basic Pen Test. This test was designed to be a more economical solution for those companies who need a baseline test to start with. Unlike a vulnerability scan, this test is still delivered by our security experts; who validate all critical vulnerabilities, test for any vulnerabilities they think might be missing and - most importantly - provide expert analysis on all test results. As with the compressive pen test, the basic test is also delivered through our Pen App application. A web-based, highly-secure, tool designed to help you mitigate detected vulnerabilities.

Red Sky Pen App

The Red Sky Pen App is a web-based, highly-secure, tool designed to help you mitigate detected vulnerabilities. Pen App is light-years ahead of a PDF deliverable and comes complimentary with every Red Sky penetration test.
Imagine the power to assign team members to vulnerabilities, create and read notes regarding remediation efforts, track the progress of team members, and see how your organization is safer from cyberattacks and ransomware.
Red Sky Pen App is the tool IT departments have been waiting for. A tool designed to manage and report on the remediation process. A tool that proves our commitment to our customers IT health over time!

Consulting / Risk Services

Many security companies quickly identify major weaknesses, recommend a solution and move on to the next customer. They don’t look at your entire situation in depth, leaving you open to less obvious threats.
Our unique methodology makes for a more comprehensive penetration test. Our methodology of Discover, Confirm, Exploit, Expand, and Report has proven to gain deeper access into your systems to expose more elusive vulnerabilities.

Application Security

Application security is an all-encompassing idea that begins before a single line of code is written, it begins in the design and architecture phase of development, and carries through to deployment. Base architectures and designs need to be reviewed, code needs to be vetted, infrastructure needs to be secured, and regular testing of security mechanisms needs to be included.

Vulnerability Research

Red Sky takes a consultative approach to every business relationship. In our experience, the most effective way to identify strengths and resolve security vulnerabilities is to bring people and processes together. By doing so, we better understand your business and security philosophies and take these into consideration when recommending solutions. This results in security solutions that protect your interests without hindering them.

Managed Services

All too often the solutions that make the most sense for an organization require massive capital investment, hours and hours of training, and the time necessary to stage, test and deploy. These factors combine to create an obstacle too high for many organization to overcome; leaving the best solution on the drawing board. At Red Sky, the same people who run our labs and deliver quality solutions to thousands of customers, also provide many of the same services in a managed format. Imagine being able to stand up the best solution without capital and time investments - Simple, easy and ready to deploy.
Managed Detection and Response

Every organization is a target. With more technologies rich in functionality and features, the organizational security landscape has grown more possibilities for cybercriminals to carry out their attacks. Limited by inadequate protection strategies, companies have shifted their focus to continuous detection and response. Red Sky absorbs the complications of investing in operations and offer our 24x7 SOC staffed with forensic analysts.

Managed Endpoint Security

Day-to-day operations of endpoint security solutions are a cumbersome task as most security teams are buried in projects with little time to keep up with or adapt to the ever-changing attack landscape. Red Sky Secure Endpoint Services are designed to address these challenges with a team of security engineers who configure, manage, and tune security policies. We provide day-to-day configuration changes, management, and updates as required.

Next Generation Malware Protection (AM)

Next Generation Malware Protection (AM)

Red Sky's Secure Endpoint Services include anti-malware and anti-virus capabilities, ensuring endpoints are protected against known and unknown malware and/or system viruses.

Next Generation Malware & Memory Exploit Protection (AMX)

This offering includes anti-malware and anti-virus protection in conjunction with finely tuned memory protection mechanisms - helping protect against attacks such as buffer overflows, stack pivots, and script control. This offering requires an advanced level of configuration and may not be available across all endpoints within your environment, depending on system level requirements and applications in use.

Integrated Solutions

There's no room for cookie cutter solutions in any production environment. It's why Red Sky doesn't tie itself to any specific vendor product. And why we test everything in our Red Sky Labs before we recommend anything. Red Sky's process involves extensive testing to identify best-of-breed technologies based on your industry and needs. Our dedicated lab ensures that we can do this thoroughly and objectively. Always sensitive to your budget and business, the result is a simple, stable, and scalable platform that's entirely optimized and customized for you.
Enterprise Networking

The IT world has never been more complex. A constant influx of new technologies, constraints, expectations and opportunities make it difficult to keep up. Red Sky gets networking and has an extensive understanding of how to advance your systems, know the proven solutions and stay on top of what’s here and what’s coming.

Data Center and Platform

It’s obvious that the more complex your infrastructure is, the more likely you are to have issues with everything from stability to security. What’s less obvious is how to fix it. This is where Red Sky excels. Technology is always moving toward solutions that are more streamlined and easier to manage. That’s why Red Sky will always recommend modernizing for better efficiency.


With versatile data sharing comes versatile data vulnerabilities, which is why we’re certified to support your business’s Cloud Operations. Our expertise in Microsoft Azure and AWS means that we’ve got you covered from head to toe, whether it’s setting up a new system or optimizing and securing an existing one. A solid foundation is essential to a safe and secure system. That’s where our Architecture & Design services come in.


A vast array of hardware and software exists to help make students and employees more productive, no matter where they are, while maintaining proper security. But, those students and employees leave school or work and expect mobile access and applications while they are at play; be it in a mall or at an arena watching their favorite sports teams (like Real Salt Lake, for example :)

Identity and Access Management

In order to keep your network secure, you need to know whats on it. At Red Sky, we help you control who gains access which helps you keep a secure network. Policy based access will give you more in-depth visibility and device monitoring and give your IT team a piece of mind. By being able to enforce appropriate level of access control-from no access to full - you will be able to share insights and automate workflows.

Network Security

Cyber-criminals use numerous complex techniques to avoid detection as they hack into networks to steal intellectual property, download and install malware. Their threats are often encrypted to avoid detection as they piggy-back on applications. Red Sky can help you employ and configure firewalls to protect your assets as they grant or reject access, providing you a more secure network.

Application Delivery

A company’s security landscape is measured by their level of compliance, reduction of risk and tactical controls in place. Each one of these areas represents critical functions within any security landscape and is commonly approached with routine tasks. Development of a security program represents a foundational element that ensure proper attention is given to the business.