Contact your local Red Sky rep to learn about finance options for your current, near-term, or future technology project needs. Examples of financial structures/options that Red Sky Capital provides include:

  • Consolidation of any IT hardware or soft cost either leased, paid in cash or financed thru bank line with goal of reducing companies overall expense. This simplifies future upgrades with now only one set of terms and conditions to be managed, versus multiple lease agreements with many T&Cs to be negotiated.
  • Buyout entire data center and setup as a fixed utility/rental payment year over year.
  • Cash back/cash conservation strategies. Run fixed asset report of everything acquired over past two years, and buy back assets paying your company dollar for dollar or pay off book position and then convert to fixed monthly rental payment. This allows for a simpler upgrade/replacement/refresh strategy for your current owned assets with useful life of 7 years or less.
  • Open strategy to allow upgrade or replacement of any hardware solution, in whole or in part, at any point any time, regardless of vendor. This is huge flexibility for your company because fault or no fault of your own you can now change out equipment any time.

  • Provide cumulative economics on companies annualized capital IT spend year over year to reduce expense and outflow of dollars paid towards IT. This is similar to a lease line of credit concept where you only pay against hardware ordered/paid at a specific time.
  • Offer true pay per use consumption model or AWS-Like on-prem pay per use structure for managing IT. This is in contrast to AWS where customers are locked in with high costs and messy contracts where it is very difficult and vulnerable when unwinding. Red Sky Capital can monitor your past few months’ IT usage to determine what consumption pay per use cost you would pay monthly.
  • Sell off unwanted IT hardware on open market to facilitate new technology needs/initiatives or hardware just no longer needed.
  • Creative finance structures to buyback assets like forklifts, give that cash back, and now link that to an IT need that is not budgeted,or fix payment for what budget allows even is monthly expense is higher and then create balloon payment on backend, tie your immediate IT need to a future purchase of something totally unrelated where budget is available and link those together, defer payment, step payment, etc.

  • Provide full lifecycle management solution to provide upgrade/disposal of tech. assets for companies on a national or global basis.
  • Provide centralized procurement strategy and significantly simplify admin burden and cost of managing IT company wide.
  • Work with CFOs local bank or group of banks to fund all IT debt stream of payments to their bank of choice. This is a win-win solution for both IT and Finance.
  • Offer standard lease options for any hard or soft cost at very competitive rates, structured either as an operating or capital expense, on or off balance sheet.

Red Sky Capital’s solutions are applicable to data center, security, mobility and associated devices, wifi, VOIP, notebook/desktop, wiring, multi-year maintenance agreements, racking, storage, servers, switches, video conferencing, actual data center build out, and more.