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With all the stories in the news about big box retailers having security breaches, do you ever wonder what kind of information you’re sharing with hackers? When it comes to using external applications at work, you could be sharing your information with anyone who’s looking – all without knowing it. It’s a common problem among businesses, but it’s a very serious one that I address with clients quite often and it’s called Shadow IT.

I know you may not have heard about Shadow IT before, but it is a big issue these days. Recently SkyHigh published its Q2 Cloud Adaption and Risk Report. They found that nearly two thirds of the 86.5 gigabytes of data that was sent to services that were uploaded to high-risk cloud services were miscategorized by URL categorization services. This rendered the files ungoverned by existing firewalls and proxies and can result in the loss of corporate data and IP as well as violation of internal security policies and external regulatory requirements.

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